Health. Our readers ask. "I need a treatment against hyper-functional chronic laryngitis". My 13 year old son suffers from chronic hyper-functional laryngitis. He has been hoarse for a few years. He has this problem also because he speaks very much and tires his vocal cords. He saw a doctor who prescr...

Our readers ask

"I need a treatment against hyper-functional chronic laryngitis"

My 13 year old son suffers from chronic hyper-functional laryngitis. He has been hoarse for a few years. He has this problem also because he speaks very much and tires his vocal cords. He saw a doctor who prescribed him a treatment with vitamin A, but he has not got cured. If you know any natural remedy, in accordance to his age, please, help us. Thank you in advance!
Alexandru Torzsa - Brasov, tel. 0268/315083

"I suffer from open-angle glaucoma and high ocular blood pressure"

I am 54 years old and I write you hoping that the readers of the magazine could help me get cured. I suffer from open-angle glaucoma and high ocular blood pressure, which will not alleviate after undergoing a treatment. Please, help me with a natural treatment. I wish you the best!
Angela Adam- str. Chimistului, bl.4, sc. C, apt. 44, Onesti, Jud. Bacau

"My son suffers from an eye disease, but the doctors cannot diagnose him"

I am the mother of a 24 years old boy; some dark spots have occurred on his eyes for three years. These spots trouble him a lot, as he has to frown all the time. We have gone to many Ophthalmology Consulting Rooms, both in Arad and in Timisoara, but the doctors could not diagnose him. At first, the doctors told him that he might suffer from retinopathy, then that he might have an infection in his organism because of his tonsils (which he had surgically removed). Even though he underwent a lot of treatments, the spots have not disappeared. He has recently run some more medical tests and the doctors told him that his ocular liquid went out from his eyeball and that he should undergo surgery. However, the surgery is very expensive and it is very risky. Please, if you have ever been confronted with these symptoms and you managed to get cured, let me know what methods you used. Thank you very much!
S. Cerguta- str. Calea Timisorii nr. 99, apt. 2, Arad, cod 2900
(Your son should use Activator aloe Vera drops)

"My son-in-law"s father suffers from amyotrophic collateral sclerosis"

My son-in-laws father has been suffering from amyotrophic collateral sclerosis for about three years. The treatments that he has undergone were not effective. Now, he is bed-ridden: he cannot move, cannot speak, and cannot eat. He is connected all the time to a respiratory device, the only thing that keeps him alive. I must say that he is in the last phase of the disease. Now, his hands and legs cannot be massaged any more, as the risk of bones fracture is very high. If you have ever been confronted with a similar disease, if you know of any natural remedy or any clinic that treats this disease, please, help us. Thank you very much!
Dana Hiticas- str. Slatinei 21, bl. Pb47, apt. 1, Oradea, Jud. Bihor, cod 3700, tel. 0259/153552

"Our little daughter was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis (Bourneville disease)"

When she was 3 years old, our little daughter started to have slight occipital attacks, being unconscious for a few seconds. Then, a pronounced strabismus occurred to her at the same moment. When she was 4 years old, she underwent surgeries at her both eyes. The surgery was successful, but the crises did not cease. We saw a specialized doctor and after having run the Eeg tests, she was diagnosed with generalized (grand mal) epilepsy. She underwent a treatment with carbomazepine for six months, after which the attacks recurred, being more frequent. The doctors changed the treatment and she was prescribed Convulex (acidum valproicum, produced by Gerot Pharmazeutika), but the attacks continued to occur. We went to "Alexandru Obregia" Hospital, where the doctors changed the treatment and, after running a Rmn, she was diagnosed with Bourneville tuberous sclerosis. As far as we were told, this is a serious genetic disease. To the doctors" surprise, the little girl is normal and she goes to a day nursery. If you know more details about this disease, please, write to us, as we are very afraid of what may come. Thank you very much!
Steluta Iosif- str. Crisana nr. 5, apt. 16, sc. 2 B, Calarasi

"I suffer from obliterating arteriopathy and atherosclerosis"

I am 72 years old and I was diagnosed with obliterating arteriopathy and atherosclerosis at my right limb and the doctors suggested that I should have my right limb surgically removed at "Prof. D. Groza" Military Hospital from Bucharest. I had two toes from my right leg surgically removed, but my leg was already gangrened. I need an effective natural treatment and the address of Dr. Iosif Zagrean from Cluj Napoca- Surgery Clinic Ii, who performed surgeries and treated with the help of acupuncture a patient who suffered from the same disease. I am looking forward to getting an answer from the readers who had similar problems. Thank you very much!
Ion Marin- str. Garii nr. 30, bl. A, sc. 1, apt. 9, Focsani, Jud. Vrancea, tel. 0237/6234435, 0721/226414

"My brother suffers from sigmoid cancer"

My 64 years old brother, who underwent a surgery of sigmoid cancer, stoppage of the bowels, ulcerous-hemorrhagic colitis, has -according to the anatomic-pathologic medical file- the diagnosis sigmoid cancer, ulcerated moderate differentiated adenocarcinoma microscopic structure, with the invasion of the entire wall. I know that after being discharged from the hospital, he should start undergoing the treatment with cytostatics. I would like to ask those who were confronted with this suffering and could help me with a natural treatment, with the address of a doctor or a clinic, to answer me through the intermediary of the magazine.
C.P. - Craiova

"Is it possible for the hepatic cirrhosis to be cured?"

An acquaintance of mine, aged 29, was diagnosed with hepatic cirrhosis and undergoes a treatment with Creon-10000 (pancreatine lipase, produced by GrÜNenthal). The doctors think that she has only one year left to live. If there are people who got cured of this terrible disease among the readers of this magazine, I would like to ask them to help this young woman. Thank you very much! With a lot of hope,
R.T. -Bucharest

"How could the motor sensitive polyneuritis be cured?"

I suffer from motor sensitive polyneuritis. I have unbearable burning sensations at my legs (below my ankles). The disease started in March 2002 with numbed legs. I was hospitalized at University Hospital, where I underwent a treatment with Prednisone (tablets and perfusions), Timonil, Thyogoma and Clordelazin (chlorpromazinum hcl., produced by Sicomed S.A.). I have been undergoing the same treatment for three months, but there are no results - I scream with pain! I cannot bear the pain any more! What do you think I should do? Could acupuncture be of any help? I even consider having my left leg amputated, which is even more painful. I am looking forward to receiving an answer from those who suffered from the same disease. Thank you very much!
Anton Barsan- str. Rosiorilor nr. 371, Braila

"Is there any natural treatment against toxoplasmosis and Toxocara canis?"

An acquaintance of mine was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis and Toxocara canis. The medicinal treatment that was prescribed to her affects her liver and it lasts six months (some English medicines). Do you know of any medicinal or natural treatment that should not affect her liver? Thank you in advance for your answer.
Florentina Ivan- tel. 0722/895580, e-mail:

"My son suffers from diabetes insipidus"

I am the mother of a boy who is 7 years and 8 months old and who got sick from X histiocytosis when he was 3 years and 6 months old. After having undergone a treatment with cytostatics, his condition improved, but he was left with diabetes insipidus and he is dependent on Adiuretin (desmopresinum, produced by Leciva) - drops. My questions are: is it possible for this disease to be cured and if it is what would be the treatment? Is it necessary for him to keep a diet and which one? He has 3-4 stools a day- normal-, even during the night. Is this normal or should we worry? It seems that the stress caused by starting to go to school leads to increasing the Adiuretin dose. Is it normal? I am looking forward to receiving any kind of indications from medical staff or from the readers of your magazine. Thank you very much!
Ileana Morar- e-mail:

"I need a treatment against hydrarthrosis I-Ii stage with multiple meniscus lesions"

I suffer from hydrarthrosis I-Ii stage with multiple meniscus lesions, knees deformation and initial stages of osteoporosis. I can bend my leg only with difficulty, and sometimes I can feel my entire shinbone very cold. I am 27 years old, I do not have any children (suffering from this disease, I am afraid to have children, even though I wish I had), my financial resources are scarce and I am already sick of seeing doctors only to pay them, without noticing any result. I also refuse to believe that the surgery is the only solution. I need advice from those who were confronted with similar problems, a natural treatment or any other treatment that could replace surgery. Thank you very much! Congratulations to your magazine!
Cristiana Lazariu- e-mail:

"I need details about oil therapy"

My name is Simionescu Elena and I live in Usa, but I came back to Romania for a short period of time. I want to help someone who suffers a lot and who needs to know more details about oil therapy. This is why I would like to ask you to publish my letter, hoping that someone who underwent this treatment could help me. Thank you very much! I wish you to be in good health! Respectfully yours,
Elena Simionescu(The readers of the magazine, who know where to obtain Micogenil- refined oil of medicinal use- from, are asked to write us. "Formula As")

Our readers answer

"How can we prepare soy milk?"
(Answer for Toni Felciuc- Vatra Dornei, F.As nr. 529)

Way of preparing soy milk: you should soak 150 g soy grains into one liter of spring water or plate water for 36 hours and then separate the liquid from the "oozy" part. Squeeze the grains well, mix them again with the liquid and let it decant and strain it. The obtained milk should be drunk within 24 hours (treatment recommended by the book "Treating diseases by vegetables, fruit and cereals", by Jean Valnet). I wish the editorial staff of the magazine "Formula As" to be in good health!
Balla Georgeta Bld. L. Rebreanu 2/1, Timisoara

"I suffer from intern thrombosed piles"
(Answer for Elena Bejan- Craiova, F.As nr. 531)

Dear lady, I was also confronted with a similar problem, but I managed to get rid of it with the help of a special doctor. You should buy 3-4 aubergines from the market- you can still find them. Take an aubergine, wash it well, remove its stalk and cut it longitudinally, into four pieces. Let it boil into about 1 l of water until the pieces become soft. You should drink a glass of the water in which the aubergine has boiled, three times a day. This tea can be made every day or at every two days; in this time it should be kept in the refrigerator. Keep this diet for 3-5 days. The alleviation of the disease will be immediately noticed. Repeat the diet until you get cured. Those who suffer from piles should keep this cure every autumn. Those who suffer from extern piles should use both the tea and the aubergine pieces, as it follows: put a piece of aubergine on the chair, over a towel, and sit on it for 15-20 minutes, so that the piles could come into contact with the aubergine. The aubergine should have the room temperature and it should not be warm or hot! I wish you to be in good health!
C. G. Turnu-Severin

"My grandfather"s feet get swollen"
(Answer for Alina Coroian- Cluj-Napoca, F.As nr. 534)

Dear lady, as you do not mention the cause of your grandfather"s disorder, which could be either renal or cardiovascular, the answer cannot be clear. Anyway, I can help you if you write me and give me more details. Despite the advanced age, there are some natural remedies that could greatly alleviate his suffering. I can offer you an ointment based on plants and animal extracts that improves the periphery blood circulation. This ointment is also effective against the rheumatic disorders. If you are confident about the natural remedies, you may write me. Sincerely,
Florea Boicea- str. N. Titulescu, bl. D12, sc. A, ap.11, Draganesti, Jud. Olt, cod 0847, tel. 0249/466202

"My daughter has a nodule at her breast"
(Answer for Manuela, Constanta, F.As nr. 535)

1. Dear Manuela, one of the causes of breast nodule occurrence is the noxious action of the sun rays, of the atmospheric pollutants and of the heavy metals. The cigarette smoke has also a negative effect on our health. Under the action of these factors, free radicals are synthesized in our organism and they can cause Adn changes (genetic code), cellular membranes and structural proteins. A balanced diet and an increased preoccupation for the environment we live in, may protect us from many diseases such as dysplasia. The scientific research has shown that there is a mineral substance -selenium- which has a protective effect against the free radicals. This is why I would like to advise your daughter to use nutrient supplements based on organic selenium, which has the best absorption and bio-availability, with protective effect for the organism. She can use bio-Selenium + Zinc, an antioxidant mixture that also contains the vitamins A, B6, C and E, with protective effect for the organism. She should also keep a balanced diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, without food containing colorants and conservers. I advise her to avoid the cigarette smoke and the ultraviolet rays. I wish you to be in good health!
Dr. Claudia Ciocan- Bucharest, tel. 021/2023023
2. You should apply a compress with horse tail (Equisetum arvense) on the tumor area and keep it for two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and again during the night. The way of preparing the compress: put two handfuls of horse tail into a sieve that should be placed over a pot with boiling water and then cover it. After the plants get soft, put them into a linen small sack and apply them on the sick area. Wrap the area with a scarf, so that it could keep the warmth. At noon, apply a compress with Swedish bitter on a piece of wool for four hours. The tumor, the cyst or the nodule will be eliminated little by little. I wish you to be in good health and I advise you to keep your faith!
A.E.-Ludus, Jud. Mures
3. I was confronted with a similar situation, too. I noticed a nodule at my right breast three months ago. The doctors whom I saw advised me to have it surgically removed. Knowing that the breast surgery does not solve the problem, as, after removing the nodule, some others may occur at the same breast, I inquired about other solutions. I had the chance to read in "Formula As" about a treatment that, in my case, was miraculous. What helped me the most was the natural treatment prescribed by Dr. Alina Popescu, a family doctor who helped me avoid undergoing the surgery and save my breast. This is why, dear Manuela, I advise you to contact this great doctor at tel. 0745/046858, so that she could prescribe you this natural treatment, which is extremely effective. I would like to recommend all the readers of "Formula As" magazine who suffer from breast diseases to undergo this treatment.
Elena Soare- Bucharest, tel. 021/6395306, 0721/096582

"Is there any natural treatment against aphthous stomatitis?"
(Answer for Cristian Stavreschi- Galati, F.As nr. 536)

The pediatrist advised my 16 years old son to smear his aphthae with gentian violet. The effect was amazing. He got cured in less than 24 hours" time. As a prophylactic method, he should rinse his mouth with sodium bicarbonate (a tip of teaspoonful into a glass of water), after drinking and eating milk products. I wish you to be in good health!
Lorelei- e-mail:

"After having undergone a mastectomy, my aunt suffers from erysipelas at her left arm"
(Answer for Elena Ciuca- Ploiesti, F.As nr. 536)

The compresses with Rivanol are an effective remedy. They should not be kept for a long period of time, because they can produce skin irritations. I wish you to be in good health!
Maria Constantin- Bucharest, e-mail:

"My mother in law cannot get rid of migraines"
(Answer for Claudia- Italy, F.As nr. 537)

The migraines are generated by a quick narrowing or widening of the brain blood vessels, which leads to the irritation of the contained fibers. The factors that cause the migraines attacks may be: psychic (stress, nervous tension states), alimentary (liver attacks), hormonal (during the menstruation period or as a result of the contraceptives administering), hereditary. The diet of those who suffer from migraines should be carefully supervised. You should avoid eating chocolate, cocoa, nuts, citric fruit, tomatoes, cheese, lard, bacon, alcohol. The patient should eliminate stress and emotions. Those women who suffer from migraines during the menstruation period should eliminate the from their food.
I would also like to recommend you a natural treatment based on aloe Vera and Calcium-Magnesium from organic sources. For further information, you can contact me at tel. 0723/531763.
Dr. Pharmacologist. Ion Pavel- Bucharest

"My father cannot breathe because of the allergic rhinitis"
(Answer for N. Postolache- Braila, F.As nr. 537)

I am the inventor of the Salin device, which I recommend in your father"s case. The Salin device is very effective against rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, with desensitization action in allergic problems, bronchitis asthma, productive bronchitis, bronchitis, bronchiectases, silicosis, Tbc recovery, mucoviscidosis, cardiac or thyroidal respiratory insufficiency. Salin device is authorized by the Ministry of Health. Salin has been awarded the medal of Golden Mark- Ugir, the silver medal at the Investments Showroom - Geneva 2002 and it is mentioned on the Internet in Doctor"s Guide. Salin device can be directly ordered from the producer, at tel. 0238/719188 (Buzau), or in Bucharest, tel. 021/2232425, 3157896. I wish you to be in good health!
Constantin Pascu- chemist
(This answer is also applicable to Mihai P.-Piatra Neamt, F.As nr. 537, the signatory of the letter "I cannot get rid of chronic polysinusitis")

"The doctors from U.S.A are against the massages with alcohol"
(Answer for L.M.-Sua, F.As nr. 536)

The feverish reaction represents a response way of the organism and is part of the defense mechanism in front of various external or internal stimuli. It signals us the fact that something has occurred and it has produced a lack of balance. If it occurs with the sucklings and it is accompanied by a good general condition, the first measures could be taken at home, even by the parents, and namely: the suckling should be laid on his back, will not be covered too think and supplementary liquids will be administered (his room should not be over-heated). As first treatment, I would like to recommend you the homeopathic remedy Aconitum 9Ch (Aconitum napellus, produced by Boiron) - 3 granules dissolved into little water and administered gradually, three up to six times, at intervals of 30 minutes, depending on fever evolution. If the body temperature starts to get lower three doses at 30 minutes should be enough; you should administer them again if the temperature starts to get higher again. This remedy is recommended in case of dry fever, generated by a sudden exposing to cold or warmth. In the event of fever accompanied by perspiration and cold sensation in one"s cheeks, the remedy Belladonna 9Ch (Anas barbariae, produced by Boiron) is recommended and it should be administered in the same way. Belladonna could also be frequently administered after Aconitum, when the patient starts sweating. You can buy the homeopathic remedies from the homeopathic pharmacies. These remedies have no side effects. I would like to recommend you to confidently turn to a homeopathic doctor from the area you live in, who can advise you with regard to the remedies kit you should have at home so that you could face various health problems. If these problems persist or get worse, I advise you to immediately contact the homeopathic doctor or the pediatrician. The medicine Tylenol (acetaminophen, produced by Johnson & Johnson) is an analgesic and an antipyretic that is frequently used, but it has hepatic-toxic effects if it is used for a long period of time. This is why it should be kept as reserve and administered only if other methods are not effective. I wish you to be in good health!
Dr. Lucian Ivanuta, specialized doctor in family medicine, competency in homeopathy Bucharest, tel. 021/4343175, 0723/290709, e-mail:

"I feel that my nerves grow weaker"
(Answer for Livia M. - Brasov, F.As nr. 536)

At first, you should detect the cause of your state of nervousness and agitation. Try to be aware of what initiated or caused this state and go see your family doctor, who could recommend you some changes of your life style and possibly a natural treatment. Against your emotional disorders and your sleeping problems, as well as against agitation, let me recommend you a relatively new homeopathic medicine that has just appeared on the Romanian market: Sedatif Pc (Abrus precatorius 6 Ch; aconitum napellus 6 Ch; atropa belladona 6 Ch; calendula officinalis 6 Ch, produced by Boiron). The normal dose is of 2 tablets three times a day, administered sublingually. Starting even with the first doses, you will notice an alleviation of the mental state and a good general state. The treatment should be kept for two weeks and, if it is necessary, it could be repeated. I wish you to be in good health!
Dr. Lucian Ivanuta

"I need to find out an association of the people who suffer from Down syndrome"
(Answer for Elena Tanase- Alexandria, F.As nr. 536)

In Romania there is the Special Education Center "Speranta", founded by the Rehabilitation Foundation "Speranta", that offers evaluation and psychological, medical, pedagogical and social diagnosis rehabilitation / compensation programs (logopedics, ergotherapy, kinetotherapy, curricular learning, cognitive-behavioral therapy, psycho-therapy) or in small groups (club activities: marionettes, art-therapy, melotherapy, hypotherapy, psychomotricity, stories, computers, cognitive-behavioral therapy club, health education club, pre-teenagers club), parental counseling, support and informing (individual and sport group- parents" club), social assistance- school and professional assistance. The address of the foundation: str. Fagului nr. 17, Timisoara, Jud. Timis, tel. /fax: 0256/195005, e-mail: You could also contact Oltenia Down Langton Association, which organized "Teodora" Educational Center, with its headquarters at str. Horea, Closca si Crisan nr. 35 B, Bailesti, Jud. Dolj, e-mail:, web site: www.
Dr. Lucian Ivanuta

"I need a good psychologist"
(Answer for Dana Albrich, F. As nr. 536)

Regarding your problem, you can resort to "Policlinica cu Plata Nr. 2", 282 Pantelimon St., 2nd ward, Bucharest. The price of a consultation is lower than the prices from the private consulting rooms. A consultation lasts about 50 minutes.
Mihaela Preda- Psychologist- Bucharest, tel. 0744/227178

"At the age of 23 years old, I suffer from alopecia"
(Answer for Elena Vrinceanu- Comanesti, Jud. Bacau, F.As nr. 536)

You can find details regarding this disorder, as well as phytotherapeutic and dieto-therapeutic indications in the book "Natural Medicine", edited by Dr. Pavel Chirila, Medical Publishing House, Bucharest, 1987, page 370-373.
Maria Luminita Birlea- tel. 0264/138768