HealthOur readers ask. "I think that I suffer from cancer at only 27 years old". I am a regular reader of your magazine, which I appreciate a lot and this is why I desperately ask for your help. I am 27 years old and in March 2002 I found out that I had a 66mm right ovarian cyst. The diagnosis was ri...

HealthOur readers ask

"I think that I suffer from cancer at only 27 years old"

I am a regular reader of your magazine, which I appreciate a lot and this is why I desperately ask for your help. I am 27 years old and in March 2002 I found out that I had a 66mm right ovarian cyst. The diagnosis was right axial cyst with the diameter of 6.5/4.5 cm, well shaped by a thick membrane, with a mixed, predominantly liquid content, and numerous septa inside it. The right ovary cannot be visualized. I postponed undergoing the surgery as in the meantime I got married. However, my condition got worse. I began to have terrible pains at my left breast and I have had a strong pain in my right leg for two weeks. I am afraid to see a doctor in this phase, because I suspect that I suffer from cancer. Please, recommend me a natural treatment or advise me what to do. I am the only daughter of my parents and I do not know what would happen to them if I found out that I really suffered from cancer. I am looking forward to getting an answer from you as soon as possible, as I am horrified. Best regards,
Mihaela M. - Craiova

</b><b>"How could the Fudds points be naturally treated?"

I am 52 years old and I suffer from a serious myopia, -9. Some black points which look like some little flies and move continuously day and night, have appeared in my sight for three years. At first, they were just some small black dots, but in the course of time they got bigger. I saw an ophthalmologist and he told me that those dots were called Fudds and that I should get used to them. The doctor did not prescribe me any medicine, he just advised me to eat a lot of bilberries. I eat a lot of bilberries, but with no effect, the dots get bigger and bigger and they cause me a very unpleasant state. If anyone has ever been confronted with a problem of this kind and can help me, please, recommend me a natural treatment by the medium of "Formula As" magazine. Thank you in advance!
Ioana Radulescu- Bucharest
(You should confidently use Aloe activator drops, which are extremely effective.)

</b><b>"My son, who has been undergoing dialysis for 9 years, has some unbearable itching sensations "

My son, who has been undergoing dialysis for 9 years, has some permanent unbearable itching sensations on the entire surface of his body. If anyone knows any treatment or has ever been confronted with a problem of this kind, please, answer me as soon as possible, so that I could be able to help my son get rid of this torture. Thank you very much!
Emilia Olteanu- Blaj

"I need a treatment against interstitial fibrosis"

If there is anyone who knows the proper treatment in order to alleviate the sufferings caused by a merciless disease-interstitial fibrosis-, please, let me know. The situation is desperate: his respiratory capacity is rapidly getting lower and lower and he should be treated as soon as possible. Thank you very much!
Mihaela Dragos- str. Vasile Conta nr 7-9, sc. G, apt. 212, sector 2, Bucharest

"My 18 year old daughter has serious behavior disturbances"

I am a desperate mother. My daughter has behavior disturbances. Even if she used to be a very good pupil (she was the third to pass the admission exam in a theoretical high school), at the end of the 9th grade, she started to have absences without leave. She ran way from home. I took her to see a psychologist and she was hospitalized three times at the psychiatry hospital. Every time the diagnosis was the same: behavior disturbances. Everybody assured me that my daughter had her Iq above the average, that there was no problem for her to have a successful life and that her behavior was the one of a rebel teenager. However, her condition got worse. She was referred on medical grounds in the 10th grade. She started to steal from home. At present she lives home for one or two weeks, then she shows up dirty and as hungry as a dog but she lives home again after one day. It is useless to tell you that we all- her parents, grandparents, her brother- have tried everything possible to make her mend her way. We are desperate. Our only hope is to be able to find a specialized institution, which could help her. If you know any, please, let us know until it is too late. Best regards,
A desperate mother
(We advise you to go with your daughter to Nifon Hospital, from Buzau, to see Dr. Adrian Ionescu, tel. 0238/710099, 524018)</b>

</b><b>"My mother suffers from spasmophilia"

My 33 year-old mother has been suffering from spasmophilia for about 5 years. She has seen a lot of doctors. She was prescribed calcium- intravenous and tablets. Her condition improved for a while, but after three-four months she started again to breathe with difficulty. She feels worse during winter and summer than during spring and autumn. I am absolutely sure that she could get cured if she underwent a proper natural treatment. I want to help her and I ask you to recommend me a natural treatment. Thank you in advance!
Corina Tudor- Arad

</b><b>"My nephew suffers from angioedemas"

My name is Besleaga Maria and I turn to you on behalf of a nephew of mine, who is 27 years old and who lives in Germany. He suffers from a stubborn rash called angioedemas. He has undergone numerous treatments, but none cured him. I have a lot of confidence in you and in your readers and I hope that you will help me with a piece o advice. May God bless you!
Maria Besleaga- loc. Sacele, Jud. Brasov

</b><b>"My daughter has few white blood cells"

My 22 year-old daughter gave birth to a baby one year go and, as she was not feeling well, she ran some medical tests. Then she found out that she had few white blood cells. She ran again numerous medical tests at the hematology section of "Sf. Spiridon" Hospital from Iasi; she also underwent a treatment with Leucopenium (immunomodulator manufactured in U.S.A.)-ampoules (an ampoule costs 900000 lei), but her condition did not improve at all. At present, the number of white blood cells is of 3300. She is very weak, gets tired very easily and she has lost her appetite. Please, help us with a natural treatment. I am looking forward to getting an answer by the medium of this magazine. Thank you very much!
F.A. loc. Cosmesti, Jud. Galati

</b><b>"I do not know whether by having my left eye surgically removed, I will be able to save my right eye"

As a consequence of an accident at my left eye, in April 2000, I got a crystalline lens implant, and in November 2000, another one, of cornea. After undergoing these surgeries and many treatments, the doctors told me that I suffered from left eye secondary glaucoma and that it was possible for it to sicken my right eye, too. At present, I have some black dots at my right eye and these dots extend like a cobweb, covering my entire eye, and I am less and less able to see. I pour Aloe Vera drops into my both eyes. My dilemma is that I do not know whether I should have my left eye surgically removed in order to save my right one. Please, help me with advice. Thank you very much! May God give you good health and help you in all you do!
Gheorghe Bungi B.dul Muncii nr. 1, bl. 2, sc. B, apt. 8, Brasov, cod 2200

"I have terrible uterine pains"

I am 33 years old and I have had some terrible uterine pains and twinges for 5 months. I have seen many gynecologists and they told me that I suffered just from a slight salpingitis and probably from a serious cold. I underwent a treatment with Polidin (immunomodulator, manufactured by "Cantacuzino Institute")injectable, Biseptol (Co-trimoxazolum, manufactured by Polfa-Pabianice), Cistenol (combinations, manufactured by Spofa) and Ampicillin, but with no effect, the pains and the twinges occur again. As I thought I had some cysts or fibroma, I ran an echography and I was told that my urinary bladder had reflecting walls. Let me also mention that I do not have discharges and that I have a clean uterus; however I do not know what the cause of these pains is. Sometimes these pains turn into burning sensation and they extend, reaching the navel. I wear only trousers, even during summer, because of the pains; when the wind starts blowing, my pains get more and more terrible. Please, if you know any natural treatment, or even an allopathic treatment, write to me! Thank you in advance!
Cristea Gherghina- com. Puchenii Mosneni, Jud. Prahova
(Contact professor biologist Valentina Liciu - tel. 021/6506296, as soon as possible)

"Our baby suffers from obstructive supratentorial hydrocephalus"

At the age of two months and a half, as a result of an Ekg, our baby was diagnosed with bicameral hydrocephalus. The doctors told us that we should take a decision immediately if we wanted to have him operated, as the disease took its course rapidly. After we inquired about the chances for the surgery - for which the doctors could not guarantee - to be successful, we chose not to put our baby through this ordeal, even if there was also the risk that he would be a vegetable for his entire life. The doctors told us that he would never be able to walk, eat, sit up or talk. However, we took good care of him with a lot of love. He did not undergo any treatment, we just gave him multivitamins. We applied compresses with Swedish bitter on his head until his skin could not get more. For the moment, we think that what is happening to him is a miracle. He is now 2 years and 7 months, he can walk, eat, laugh, he has no behavioral problems, he loves us, and so he can think. As a result of a routine medical test, he was diagnosed with aqueduct of Sylvius stenosis, obstructive supratentorial hydrocephalus. The doctors continue to try to make us believe that the best solution for him is to undergo a surgery. When I gave birth to him, January 3rd, 2000, seven children were diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Three of them died immediately after undergoing the surgery, one of them still struggles to stay alive and has undergone three surgeries. What we have lived and what we have seen made us take the decision- a wise one, we believe- not to have him operated. If anyone knows any remedy, please, help us!
Aurelia Eberling- str. Badea Cartan nr. 6, ap. 5, Timisoara, Jud. Timis, cod 1900, tel. 0256/430245

Our readers answer

"I suffer from duodeno-gastro-oesphagian reflux"
(Answer for Cipriana Toderas, F.As nr. 491)

I used to suffer from anemia, too, which could not be cured by any allopathic treatment, but God helped me find some Chinese medicines that are very effective against anemia and against digestive disorders. With the help of the product called Boafier (antiacid- natural product), after only two months, the hemoglobin value increased from 9.5 to12 and I am not weak any more, I am not dizzy and I do not have that noise in my ears. This product does not irritate the intestinal mucous membrane, which is very important (when I took products that contained iron from the pharmacy, I used to have stomachaches). I took Spirulina (blue-green algae), too, which is rich in iron, vitamin B12 and other vitamins. I also drank the cleansing tea Tianshi, and thus I got cured of the digestive disorders. You can find these medicines from Dr. Rodica Graur from Constanta, whom you can contact at tel. 0723/878709. I wish you to be in good health!
Maria Puscasu- Constanta

</b><b>"My husband has a kind of fungus on his soles"
(Answer for Alexandru Mihu Olteanu, F.As nr. 491)

I would like to suggest to the two readers to use birthwort herb (Aristolochia sp.), as infusion for lavages. The effects will be visible in a short time.
Ioana Mantoiu- str. Cernei nr. 12, Sibiu
(The answer is also applicable to Moldovan Adriana- Montreal, Canada, F.As nr. 491, "I was diagnosed with palmar pustulosis")

"My mother has high blood pressure and attack of nerves"
(Answer for Diana Vig- Portugal, F.As nr. 491)

1. On June 5th 1999, when I was 64 years old, as a consequence of a stressful period of time, I suffered a cerebral-vascular attack with left hemiparesis. As I had worked in the medical field for 30 years, I could benefit from an immediate and proper treatment, having the blood pressure 210/110. When I was discharged from the hospital, along with the medicinal treatment, I got the following recommendations of natural medicine: ·No smoking, alcohol and conflicting states (nervous tensions). ·Mainly hypotensive food, with a lot of garlic, onion, leek, asparagus, salad, nettle, horseradish, lovage, beetroot, green bean, bean seeds, potatoes, lean fish, poultry- but rarely, black bread. Contraindicated food: pork, beef, mutton, salami and sausages, smoked food, fat or fermented cheese, eggs, salty food, sweets (cakes). When it is their time, instead of sweets, you should eat fruit: sweet cherries, sour cherries, gooseberries, grapes, lemons. ·You should also eat mainly diuretic food (cabbage, celery, carrot, nettle, bilberries, barberries, wild strawberries, apples, pears, water melon, peaches, plums, tomatoes, onion, garlic) and sedative food, based on germinated wheat, germinated soy and especially on germinated rye, which is called "the enemy of the cardiovascular diseases". In the book called "The cereals- food and medicine for a healthy life", by Maurice Mességué, you can find numerous recipes for a healthy life. In the evening and in the morning I drink a spoonful of olive oil, and in the afternoon, a few grains of brewers yeast. Instead of water, I drink valerian (Valerianne officinalis) tea or lime (Tilia silvestris) tea, sweetened with honey and refrigerated; they have sedative action. A medicine that is contained in every mans organism is the endorphin - a hormone produced by the nervous system during the states of joy and happiness, during the good moments. Try to enjoy everything around you in your everyday life and follow the dictum: "A good thought and a good deed every day". Taking into account that the two disorders (the high blood pressure and the nervousness) are interrelated, you should also follow Emil Coué method, presented in "Formula As" nr. 493, in order to learn how to control your nervousness and to induce a good general state in your body and in your mind. In my situation, after one month of medicinal treatment and diet based on hypotensive, diuretic and sedative food - I have not taken medicines-, at the age of 66 years old, my blood pressure is 140/70 mmHg, my physical and psychical condition is good. You should also be aware that a short prayer, even if it is not said aloud, in the evening and in the morning, brings about some more well-being, peace and self confidence.
Enciu Nicanor- str. Baisoara nr. 9/83, Cluj-Napoca
2. Let me recommend you a natural treatment, which is effective both against high blood pressure and against the nervousness of your mother. Firstly, she should change her lifestyle and her diet: no fats, no frying, no animal oils, and no pork. She should keep a natural vegetal diet. She should eat a lot of green food such as salads, fruit, cereals, fruit and vegetable natural juice. She should give up drinking coffee, alcohol, smoking, eating salty food. She should lead a balanced and peaceful life and she should also practice some sport. No stress, no misuse of medicines, no long stay in the cold or in the sun. She should drink at least 2 l of liquids every day. The following plants may be used: Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) (flowers & leaves) - infusion, 1 teaspoonful for a mug of water (she should drink one mug a day); hawthorn tincture-10 drops, 3 times a day, poured in tea. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca)-infusion: 2 teaspoonfuls of plant for one mug; she should drink 1-2 mugs a day. She could take the garlic cure. Garlic tincture: mix 60 g of garlic with 100 ml alcohol of 90 degrees and let it steep for 8 days. She should take 15 drops of tincture with some milk, in the morning. The garlic cure should be taken for 21 days, with a 9-10 day-break. Wolfs claw (Lycopodium clavatum): apply a small sack with 100-300g drooped wolfs claw (it should cover the kidneys area) during the night. The next day, the blood pressure will get lower. The horseradish mixed with honey is also effective against high blood pressure. Grate the horseradish on a small grate and mix it with honey, so as to get a mixture which should not be too thick. She should take one spoonful of this mixture every morning, for one month, with a two month-break. The horseradish is incompatible with carbonates, bicarbonates (alkaline), silver nitrates, quinine infusion, and mercury dichloride. I would also like to recommend you the following medicines: Hypotens (manufactured by Roche) and Aslavital (combinations, manufactured by Sicomed S.A.). I wish you to be in good health!
Dr. Eng. Georgel Birca- str. Sucevei nr. 31, Falticeni, Jud. Suceava, tel. 0745/400400

</b><b>"I urinate very often but the doctors cannot diagnose me"
(Answer for Elena- Canada, F.As nr 491)

1. A close relative of mine experienced the same crisis and troubles; she was not able to travel by any means of transportation without having it stopped at every ten minutes. She used to have 14-16 urinations during the night; it was a torment both for her and for her family. She went to many clinics and consulting rooms from the entire country, but no treatment that she underwent was effective. The last place she went to was S.C.Ccppm "Plantavorel" from Piatra-Neamt, tel. 0233/210432, fax 0233/210308, to see Dr. Violeta Ungureanu. Here, she was prescribed some medicines produced by "Plantavorel", namely: Proprim (natural product) and Comium-C9 (natural product). She underwent the treatment for 90 days, without any diet and without alcoholic drinks. Two years have passed since she underwent this treatment and my relative feels very well and she has only 1-2 urinations during the night. Some other people with prostate gland problems, or who suffered from urinary infections, urinary bladder colds underwent this treatment, with the same good effects.
Dragos Cojocaru- sat Izvoare, com. Dumbrava Rosie, jud. Neamt, cod 5611, tel. 0233/282255
2. I had some problems of this kind, too, as a consequence of some repeated colds. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate adenoma and I underwent all kind of treatments (teas, gas from the refinery), but they were not effective. I got an electric pillow and I followed this procedure: every evening, before going to bed, for 10 days on end, I put the pillow on the bed and I lay with my face down, so that the pillow could be placed about 4 fingers lower than the navel. I introduced my right hand between the pillow and the bed so that I could push the pillow with my hand to my pelvis, where it hurt; then I switched it on directly to the 3rd position to get the most warmth and I kept it like that as much as I could. After that, I switched it off, and after it got colder, I switched it on again. Later, I took the electric pillow, I went to the edge of the bed, I sat down on it and I repeated the above mentioned procedure, for 20 minutes, every evening, for 10 days. I took a break and then I followed the same procedures, for 10 days. At present I feel very well, I do not have those burning sensations any more, I do not get constipated and I urinate normally. What can I say, I got cured, the disease did not recur as it used to, after undergoing other treatments. I believe that other patients should try this procedure, too, as it is cheap, especially for us, the pensioners, who are poor. I wish you to be in good health!
Iulian Burciu- com. Stolnici, sat Falfani, Jud. Arges
(This answer is also applicable to: Sandu- Brasov (F.As nr. 497, "I urinate 6-7 times a night and I cannot have a good rest"); Gheorghe- Brasov (F.As nr. 498, "I have been suffering from impotence for 5 years"); Constantin Gadescu- Brasov (F.As nr. 471, "I need a treatment against prostate adenoma"); Ioan Sulighetean- sat Barsau, Jud. Hunedoara (F.As nr. 497, "I always feel my forearms numb")

</b><b>"I have tried to get cured of a wound on the uterine cervix for two years"
(Answer for N. Gheorghita - Braila, F. As nr 491)

1. Against your wound from the uterine cervix, you should undergo a treatment with birthwort herb (Aristolochia sp.): 1 brimful spoonful of birthwort herb (powder) + 1 spoonful of blackwort (Sympnytum officinale) +1 spoonful of chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla)flower, let the mixture soak into ½ l of cold water from the evening to the next morning and then filter it. Boil again the remaining plants in ½ l of water, until you get only half of it. After it gets cold, you should mix the two extracts. This concentrated mixture should be introduced into the enema or into the rubber pear and you should perform the instillation carefully, so that the tea could reach the wound. The tea temperature should be bearable (you could stay in the "candle" position, so that the tea could reach the wound more easily). You should take seat lavages with the same tea at every 2-3 days. This tea should be used only externally, as it is toxic. During the treatment and after undergoing it, for one month, you should have no sexual contact. For further information or for products made from these plants, you can contact me at the following address:
Dr. Eng. Georgel Birca- str. Sucevei nr. 31, Falticeni, Jud. Suceava, tel. 0745/400400
2. Two years ago, my wife, who was in the same situation, got cured by undergoing a treatment based on plants (she had a wound and a uterine fibroma). The author of the treatment was popularized at large in "Formula As". He is Mr. Vasile Ierima from Carei, str. Nicolae Iorga nr. 15, Jud. Satu Mare, cod 3825, tel. 0261/861404 (next to the C.F.R. station). I wish you to get well soon!
Paul Codrut- loc. Sebis, St. Dumbraveni nr. 4, jud. Arad, cod 2825
3. I would like to inform the women readers who have uterine cervix problems how I managed to get cured of a wound on my uterine cervix I had been suffering from for 7 years. I got pregnant when I was 20 years old, I had a miscarriage after 7 months and I was curetted after the abortion. As a result of this abortion, I got a wound on my uterine cervix which did not trouble me in any way. During ovulation, I used to have a small bleeding, but this did not occur during sexual contacts. I saw a doctor who told me that I had a very unpleasant wound on the entire surface of my uterine cervix, which looked like "neo". This was the very word. I ran some medical tests: the vaginal secretion and the Papanicolau test. I also got Candida, from the hospital, too, but the cytological test was good, without any modifications. Firstly, I got cured of Candida, which produces the uterine cervix erosion. Then, I underwent a treatment with antibiotics, prepared at the pharmacy (ovules) and I was cauterized. I thought that was everything, but I was wrong. The cauterization must have been superficial and the wound did not close up at all. I got pregnant again, but I had a miscarriage. When I saw the doctor again, he told me that a biopsy was necessary and that probably I should undergo a total hysterectomy. This doctor, a well known doctor in Craiova, managed to put me in a great fright and I could not do anything. I thought that I would better kill myself than undergo a biopsy. I was only 25 years oldHowever, the same doctor prescribed me a treatment. The medicine was called Oestriol (manufactured by Biochemie), produced in Austria, and I got it unofficially, from the pharmacy. There were some small tablets, which should be taken orally, for the uterine cervix regeneration. I swallowed them without any hope and after a time I saw a woman-doctor who had operated my mother two times. I explained the situation to her and I got on the gynecologic table. It was a miracle! The wound had closed up and there was only one cauterization point left. I have not had any problems since then, and I am 41 years old now. There is no scar left either. The medicine was effective! I do not know whether it is still commercialized in our country (maybe with another name), but I advise you to get it and many women worried with their health will live this miracle!
Monica Sirbu- St. Bujorului nr. 17, Craiova, code 1100

</b><b>"How can I get rid of being dependent on Bixtonim?"
(Answer for Liviu Andronache- Iasi, F.As nr. 523)

I am 34 years old and, starting from 22 years old, I became Rinofug, then Bixtonim dependentuntil one year ago when, following the advice given by many people to a person who was suffering from this disorder, in "Formula As", too, God blessed me to get cured. Every morning and every evening you should pour 3-5 drops of box thorn (Lycium Barbarum) oil in each nostril, for 2-3 months. The unpleasant part consists in the nose clearing out, which should be performed with an ampoule of physiological saline solution or with boiled water with a few salt grains (if it is stinging at first, you should eliminate the salt), in which you should pour 15-20 drops of lemon juice strained with the help of sterile lint. The drops prepared this way should be poured in each nostril as many times as it is necessary, for 1-2 months. In the course of time, the dependency will disappear. I had the most difficult time during the first two months, especially at night, when I had to get off the bed (otherwise, my nose would not clear out), not to mention the stinging sensationIf you persevere and you also take 3 tablets of heartsease (Viola tricolor) every day, for 1-2 months, the success will be sure. After one year, rarely, in the evening, before going to bed, I pour lemon drops into my nostrils and I use the box thorn and heartsease tablets only when I catch a cold, when I sit in the draught or when I have an allergy crisis. I wish you to be patient and, even if the effects are visible after 2-3 months, you should not be tempted to use Bixtonim, which, in a short time, will not clear out your nose at all.
Daniela - Piatra-Neamt

"My husband suffers from anxious depression"
(Answer for Narci, F.As nr. 515)

I had the same symptoms for a long time, as a consequence of a long stressful period. I suffered from nervous anxiety, accompanied by such a serious vertigo, that even my professional activity was disturbed. I did not like anything and I could not enjoy life. I found out about the "Revital" consulting room by the medium of "Formula As" magazine; I went there rather confused, but with the hope that I could get cured. I was not wrong, as after only 10 reflex - therapy sessions, my life has completely changed. I got rid of vertigo, my head became clear, and I began to be able to rest. The permanent fear that had troubled me and the apathy were gone. I am totally different now! I would highly recommend you the "Revital" consulting room, where you will get also phytotherapy indications, according to your situation. At this consulting room I met many people who suffered from depression and anxiety, with fear states, caused by stress or by the menopause; these people, after 14-16 reflex therapy sessions felt much better. I wish you to be in good health and to have a lot of courage!
Elena Caia- Piatra-Neant, tel.0233/214278
The address of "Revital" consulting rooms: Bucharest- Bdul Iancu de Hunedoara nr.9, bl. I1, sc.2, apt. 44, interfon 044, tel.021/2301167, 0722/310877; Calea Mosilor nr.227, bl.37, sc. 2, ap.58, interfon 58, tel. 021/2103920. Brasov: St. Zizinului nr.2, bl.40, sc.C, ap.2, tel.0268/310368.
(This answer is also applicable to Mirela, F.As nr.509, "How could I get cured of an obsessive-compulsive disturbance?")