HealthOur readers ask. "My sister suffers from pulmonary neoplasm with osseous and hepatic metastasis". My sister, aged 41, was diagnosed with left lung neoplasm with osseous and hepatic metastasis. She did not undergo chemotherapy. During the last three weeks she has had some serious liver problems,...

HealthOur readers ask

"My sister suffers from pulmonary neoplasm with osseous and hepatic metastasis"

My sister, aged 41, was diagnosed with left lung neoplasm with osseous and hepatic metastasis. She did not undergo chemotherapy. During the last three weeks she has had some serious liver problems, manifesting with nausea and fever. In three months she lost 11 kg. Please, help us with a natural treatment. Thank you very much!
Petronela Domnita Cluj-Napoca, tel. 0744/428910

</b><b>"My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer"

Thanks to this wonderful magazine, I resort to your help and advice. Last year my mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer and she underwent two surgeries to have the tumors removed. Unfortunately, the treatment with radiations was recommended to her later, a few months after the last surgery. Having run some medical tests some weeks ago, the whole family was surprised to find out that her entire abdomen was invaded with ganglions, my mother having some terrible pains. They recommended her chemotherapy sessions and she was supposed to take them again three months later. Is there anybody who can help me with advice or recommendations regarding a natural treatment for this phase of the disease? I am looking forward to getting an answer by the medium of this magazine or by e - mail. Thank you in advance! Please, help me!
Mirela Blajan e-mail:

"Help a young man whose life depends on dialyses!"

I congratulate you from all my heart for the care and competence with which you produce this magazine and I ask for your help in a very serious problem. I know a young man who is in a desperate situation. He is 28 years old and after almost 10 years of renal disease and an unsuccessful renal transplant, he does not have any kidney and he undergoes dialyses three times a week. In his great despair, he does not trust anything anymore. Please, help him regain his trust in life and God! Thank you very much!
Maria Dragasani

</b><b>"How could the brain tumor recurrence be avoided?"

My mother, aged 63, underwent a surgery of brain tumor three weeks ago. The surgery was successful, the tumor having been totally removed. The result of the biopsy was giant cells glioblastoma. It is possible that this tumor may recur and this is why the doctors say that she has no more than 6 months - 1 year to live. I would be very grateful to you if you recommended me a natural treatment, which could prevent the tumor from recurring. Thank you in advance!
Mirela Albu Str. Ionel Fernic nr.41, bl.B3, Ap.25, Galati, code 6200

</b><b>"Could the hebephrenic schizophrenia be cured?"

I write to you on the behalf of my friend, who has been very depressed lately; she and her husband suffer terribly. Their only son, aged 23, was diagnosed with hebephrenic schizophrenia. He is undergoing a treatment with Clopixol (Acuphase- zuclopentoxil- manufactured by Lundbeck), but with no effect. The disease started to manifest at the age of 18. The boy leads an isolated life, without friends. The psychiatrist says that this disease has no cure. The family suffers terribly and they have no more hope. I would like to ask those who know about a natural treatment or any way to get cured, to help this desperate young man. Thank you in advance! I wish you to be in good health! May God bless kind people!
Iulia Seveni, Jud. Botosani, tel.0231/540387

"I need a natural treatment against dermographism"

I have been confronting for many years with the following problem: every time I take a bath or I sweat, I have an awful itching sensation, which lasts for about 15-20 minutes until the skin gets dry. I have this sensation on my chest, arms, back but not on my legs. I saw a dermatologist and he told me that I suffered from dermographism. I underwent a treatment with Nizoral, Calcium, Tryenzime (Pancreatinum), No-spa, Hidroxizin, Famotidina, but it had no effect. If you know any treatment against this disorder or the address of a consulting room where I can get cured, please, answer me by the medium of this magazine. Thank you very much!
Radu Sorin -Slobozia

"I may paralyze any time because I suffer from discal hernia"

I write to you hopping that somebody, who suffered from the same disease I have been suffering from for 13 years, found other solutions to get cured, except surgery. I am 34 years old and 7 years ago I underwent a surgery of left discal hernia L4-L5. Now, the doctors have suggested me that I should undertake another surgery of discal hernia L3-L4 and L4-L5, detected after running the Rmn exam. I have two minor children (one is three years old and the other only 6 months) who really need me. From what I have understood from the doctors, the discs L3, L4, L5 are fissured and there is the risk of paralyzing anytime. I can feel a great physical and psychical pain even when I think about undergoing another surgery. This is why I ask the readers who suffered from the same disease and got cured (or at least alleviated), by other means than surgery, to give me an answer. With a lot of hope, I am looking forward to getting your answers.
Marian Lucia Str. Padis nr.5, sc.2, ap.20, Cluj-Napoca, code 3400, tel. 0264/142330

"My mother suffers from acute abdominal porphyria"

My mother aged 65, is a very active person in spite of the many chronic diseases she suffers from. She can live with them but in the last two years she has had some terrible pains caused by a disease called acute abdominal porphyria. She has crises more and more frequently. Because of the chronic diseases she suffers from (heart, stomach and liver diseases), the doctors prescribed her only B1vitamin and folic acid, but the medicines had no effect. I turn to you and I ask you to recommend me a natural treatment which may ameliorate those terrible pains. I wish "Formula As" magazine to have a long existence and lots of readers to whom God should give only happiness and good health.
Elena Moinea Bucharest

</b><b>"My father suffers from prostate adenocarcinoma"

I am desperate! My father was diagnosed with prostate adenocarcinoma. He underwent a surgery at "Panduri" Hospital and he had pieces of the tissue removed for the anatomo - pathological test. After one month he received the results of this test: first degree prostate adenocarcinoma. The doctors suggested that he should undergo a surgery to have his testicles removed, but he does not want that. Please, help us with a natural treatment against adenocarcinoma and recommend us a good oncologist, who could help us. May God help you and us! Thank you very much!
N.C. - Bucharest

"A terrible trouble may meet me: leg amputation"

A terrible trouble may meet me: my left leg amputation. The doctors detected a trombophlebitis of the lower limbs, in a very advanced phase at my left leg. My foot got black up to the ankle. The treatment with Plavix (clopidogrelum) slowed down the evolution of the disease, but there is no sign of cure, the black color of my foot has not gone away, on the contrary, it moves on. As I am desperate that I cannot do anything, I ask the readers who suffered from such disease (miklegs and trombophlebitis) to help me with a piece of advice, with a natural treatment, to make me become a self-confident person again. I am no longer a young person but I do want to continue my life and I want to live on my own and not to bother anybody with my problems. Let me thank in advance to those who will help me with advice.
Alexandru Casa Bod-Sat, strada Garii nr.630, Jud. Brasov, cod 2238

</b><b>"Is there any treatment against severe subacute intrafusal fibers lesion?"

My muscles were affected after having undergone a treatment with Cortisone (Dexamethasone + Prednisone). I was diagnosed with severe subacute polymyositis, primary motor sensitive axonal polyneuritis, severe subacute intrafusal fibers lesion. Do you know any natural or medicinal treatment against this disease? Thank you very much!
M. Marisca - Bacau

"How can we prepare soy milk?"

I have recently found out about the properties of the soy milk, but I do not know how to prepare it. This is why I would like to ask the readers of this magazine to help me. Thank you very much!
Toni Felciuc Vatra Dornei

</b><b>"Where could I go for a genital enlargement surgery?"

I am trying to find out where the male genital enlargement surgeries could be performed. I would also like to know what the prices are. Best wishes,
Our Readers Answer

</b><b>"My little girl has two bronchial fistulas"
(Answer for Mariana - Bistrita, F.As nr. 486)

This fistula comes from the persistence of the thyroglossal duct, which did not close up during the intrauterine existence and will not close up by itself without a surgery. The only doctor who successfully performed these surgeries is professor doctor Dinu from "Sfantul Spiridon" Hospital from Iasi.
Rodica Nicolau blvd. George Cosbuc nr.31, Bl.M3, Apt.131, Galati, code 6200

</b><b>"My only 5 year old little daughter has only 6 months left to live! "
(Answer for Cornelia Iosif com Stefan Voda, Jud Calarasi, F As nr.522)

After some research, I have finally learnt about the producers of Isoprinosine, which you requested. If you cannot find this medicine in Romania, there is also an address from Hungary and a form, which you should fill in, to get the medicine directly from the factory which produces it. The address from Romania: Intrarea Eliza Zamfirescu Leonida nr.13, apt.2, sector 1, Bucharest, code 71302, tel/fax: 021/260.13.44, 260.14.07, 202.93.27, and the address from Hungary: Biogal Teva Mr Gabor Skaliczky, Robert Karoly Krt 66, Product Manager, Dr. Pal Somlo, H-1134, tel.003613505300, 003613505310, email: Maybe you will have to attach the prescription. I wish your little girl to be lucky enough to be able to laugh in a few years at the diagnosis of the doctor who thought she had only 6 months to live! My best regards,
Johanna Fufezan - Hahnstrasse 43a, 60528 Ffm, (Basa) 21915

</b><b>"Because of the lung tumor, my father coughs all the time"
(Answer for Iulian Oprica Giurgiu, F.As nr. 522)

1. If the cough upsets you, you should undergo the following popular treatment which, used for many generations, is as effective as it used to be. You should boil a lemon over a low heat gently for 10 minutes. By boiling it, the lemon becomes soft and therefore you will obtain more juice. Cut the lemon in two pieces and squeeze it well in a glass. Add 2 spoonfuls of glycerin (which is 30 g), which you can buy from the pharmacy. Stir it up well and fill the glass with honey. Dose the juice the way you need: if a fit of cough occurs during the day, you should drink a teaspoonful of syrup, after stirring it up well. If the fit of cough wakes you up in the middle of the night, you should drink a teaspoonful of syrup before going to bed, and another one during the night, when the fit of cough occurs. If you suffer from a rebel cough, you should drink 6 teaspoonfuls of syrup a day, as it follows: in the morning after you wake up, before lunch, after lunch, a few hours after lunch, then at dinner and before going to bed. As the cough is gone, you should reduce the daily doses. I wish you to be in good health and I would like the treatment to be effective for you.
Maria Stamate str. Bucuresti nr.28, Calarasi
2. It is well-known that the bran obtained from wheat husk represents the main cure of the lung diseases. I am sending you two prescriptions and I promise you that after the first two months your father will feel better and if he continues undergoing the treatment, his illness will be just a bad memory after only one year. ·In the morning, before eating, the breakfast should consist only of smoke-dry bacon. ·Yolk of egg mixed up with a spoonful of polyfloral honey (bought from the beekeepers), a glass of bran, made from wheat husk and 2 red beets (used in preparing the bran). During the entire day, you should drink 1 kilo of bran (instead of water). · 10 drops of bee glue tincture (with some crumb of a loaf) after the main meals. ·3 bee glue tablets daily (from Plafar). ·Horseradish scraped on a small grate (one root should be steeped in 500 g of polyfloral honey) - 3 teaspoonfuls a day, after the main meals. · A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables (apples, citric fruits, nut cores, sprouting wheat 3 spoonfuls a day); instead of dessert: carrots, red beet, celery, all scraped on a small grate; you should prepare the composition for one meal; in the evening he should drink a mug of milk in which he adds a teaspoonful ]of honey. Alcohol, coffee and smoking are contraindicated. I wish your father to be in good health and do not forget: the bran should be present in his daily alimentation and thus all the lung tissues and fibers damaged by the tumor will recover. He should also eat polyfloral honey.
Maria Nastase Str. Luncii nr. 3, Blaj, Jud .Alba

</b><b>"How can I get rid of being dependent on Bixtonim?"
(Answer for Liviu Andronache Iasi F.As nr. 523)

Your problem is very serious, because on the background of a protracted respiratory affection (plugged sinuses) there appears an iatrogenic disease, which is chronic itself (dependence on a medicine product, in this case Bixtonim); its healing is stopped by a multitude of complications, both serious and uncomfortable (terrible pains in the middle of the forehead, sensation of acute suffocation). Besides the details you have already given, some more would have been necessary: if you suffered a polyp surgery or not, if you have run or not an allergy test and if a possible deviation or a nasal sinus malformation was detected as a result of a complete medical investigation. Depending on the answer to these questions (from which some more will probably derive), a more elaborated therapeutic protocol may be suggested. It is obvious that your allergic reaction starts whenever you take any other medicine product except for the one which initiated and maintains the crisis. This may suggest another solution to your problems, "a natural prescription" (as you yourself have mentioned, a little bit unconfident - "possibly"). As I work in the medicinal plants field and I believe in their power of healing, because they help me every time I resort to them, I would like to recommend you, depending on your option , some phytotherapeutic cures: · Heartsease (Viola Tricolor) an exceptional anti-allergic. For internal use, in a 30 day cure: a) infusion (one teaspoonful of dry, ground plant for one mug; let it brew for 15-20 minutes you should drink 3 mugs a day), b) concentrated infusion (4 spoonfuls of plants for a mug, let the plant brew for 15-20 minutes you should drink one spoonful at every 3-4 hours; c) tincture - 10-15 drops three times a day. For external use, every time it is necessary: nasal lavages with an infusion made of a spoonful of plant for a mug of boiling water; b) the inhalation of the steams resulted after introducing a teaspoonful of plant minced in a mug of boiling water. ·Wild chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla) pulvis and chrysanthemum parthenium (Pyrethrum parthenium) - powder resulting from the blooming plant a very effective cure in case of migraine. You should take equal parts of the two plants and it would be better for them to be ground the moment they are used: a tip of a teaspoonful of mixture, sublingually taken (you should keep it as long as you can until the contact with saliva is done; if it is not possible, especially because the latter plant is rather bitter, you should mix the powder with a small glass of lemon juice that is a little bit sweetened with polyfloral or lime honey). · Echinacea (Echinacea spp.) or Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) (Indian ginseng) - for the strengthening of the immunitary system tincture, 10 drops 3 times a day. ·Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) - antispastic effect of the respiratory tracts, antiasthmatic effect and antimicrobial effects. Internal use: infusion (a teaspoonful of blooming plant powder for one mug of boiling water; let the plant brew for 10-15 minutes you should drink 2 mugs a day); b) concentrated infusion (2-3 spoonfuls of plant powder for one mug; let it brew for 10-15 minutes, as in the previous case 2-3 spoonfuls a day). External use: you should create, with the help of a lamp of aromatherapy, a saturated atmosphere by savory aerosols (5- 10 drops of volatile oil are enough for a "dose "of aromatic air). Let me also recommend you some other natural products made by "Favisan" Laboratories from Lugoj: Plants tea for asthma, Plants tea for asthma - crisis, Energetic balancer, Coloncan enema. You should also drink box thorn (Lycium Barbarum) or hip rose (Rose canina) syrups (veritable resources of vitamins) or even fresh fruit, when the autumn comes and the first hoar-frost covers them. You should not also forget to go to have a periodical control of the kidneys, and, preventively, at least once in a while, drink some cherry stalks or corn silk tea.
Dr. Radu Stoianov -str. 22 Decembrie 1 Fundulea, Jud. Calarasi, cod 8264, tel.0740/09.15.11

"I need a natural treatment against estrogenic deficiency"
(Answer for Angela Giorgi Targu Jiu, F.As nr. 524)

Dear Lady, I am trying to answer you as soon as possible, because I also experienced two months of agony (bouffée, insomnia and depressive states). First of all, you should see a good endocrinologist, who should have you run some hormones tests and then you should undergo a right treatment of substitution only under the surveillance of an endocrinologist and of a gynecologist. You should take estrogen hormones only after you run a mammography, a genital echography, a vaginal smear and a breast investigation. The estrogens should not be taken without combining them with progesterone, in the doses established by the doctor. There are a lot of medicines used for the substitution treatment of the menopause: Femoston (17 beta-oestradiol and dydrogesterone) manufactured by Solvay Pil, Cliogest, and Divina. If you know that there is no good endocrinologist in your town, your family doctor may give you a written recommendation for the "Parhon Institute" from Bucharest to Doctor Ileana Marinescu, a very well prepared doctor whom I consider very suitable for your case taking into account your age and the long time you have had this hormonal disorder. The phone number from the "Parhon Institute" where you can make an appointment is 021/230.20.41, interior 137. I had the chance to find in a bookshop, in those times when I did not know what was wrong with me, a publication "The womans book ", published by "Teora" Publishing house, where I found the answers to all my questions, regarding this hormonal disorder. I am 45 years old and I have been confronting with this problem for three years; it appeared after I suffered an emotional shock. At present I am undergoing a permanent therapy of substitution, the doctor prescribed me one tablet of Dufaston every two days (progesterone) and Phito Soy -a natural estrogen obtained from soy, every day - one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. Now I am feeling well, I do not have accessions any more, I can rest well and I have a very good general state. Hoping that I have been useful to you, I wish you to be in good health!
Radu Maria Constanta

</b><b>"I suffer from paresthetic algopsychalia syndrome"
(Answer for G.A Focsani, F. As nr. 524)

My mother endured the same sufferings as a consequence of an emotional trauma. Her life had become unbearable; she ran a lot of medical tests and she underwent a lot of treatments, but all with no effect. One day, when going to work, I happened to pass by the "Bioreflex" consulting room, from Bucharest, Sos. Mihai Bravu nr. 303, bl.18 A. I managed to convince my mother to see a doctor (free of charge) and, if such be the case, to undergo a treatment. After undergoing some natural treatments, reflex-therapy and radiant technique sessions, she had the energies of Yin and Yang Meridians, which are vital for the organism, unblocked and balanced. After undergoing this treatment, my mother regained her balance between body and soul and she had the self healing forces activated. All the symptoms she used to have (headaches, insomnia, nervous states, and perspiration) are gone now. I take this opportunity to thank the medical staff from "Bioreflex "consulting room. Best wishes,
Mima Lupu Aleea Rotunda nr. 1, bl. Y1/ b, sc.3, apt 109, sector 3 Bucharest.

"I need a treatment against diabetic nephropathy"
(Answer for Daniela Floresti, F. As nr. 525)

The type I diabetes, insulin-dependent, is considered an auto-immune disease, in which the immune system attacks the pancreas cells that produce insulin and the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin. As time goes on, the diabetes leads to complications at the level of the eyes (diabetic retinopathy), of the kidneys (diabetic nephropathy), of the gums, teeth and genital organs. There is also the risk of a sudden decrease of blood glucose level (hypoglycemia), or its increase (hyperglycemia), with coma and the risk of death. This is why the diabetes should be held under control. This means the following: checking glycemia, sanguine fats, body weight control, reducing the complications risk. The diet (vegetarian + fish) and physical exercises are very important in reaching these objectives. Omega 3 fat acids have the property of adjusting the glycemia, the triglycerides and the cholesterol. The aloe Vera juice is very efficient for the metabolism balance. For a diet and further recommendations, you may contact me by telephone.
Dr.Ion Pavel - tel. 0723/53.17.63

"I suffer from lateral amyotrophic sclerosis"
(Answer for Nicolae Berea Bucharest, nr 390)

My name is Anca Olariu and I write to you because I have noticed various answers published in the health column of your magazine, meant for desperate people looking for a cure for their disease. I write to you as you are the only newspaper that offers information concerning the Las sick people in Romania, if only for to help them when they wrote to you full of despair. I feel so sorry when I see these desperate patients looking for Rilutel /Riluzole (rilutezole) (manufactured by Rhone-Poulene Rorer), even if this medicine is a sort of placebo for patients suffering from Las. I wonder why doctors prescribe this medicine to the patients from Romania. It is well known that this medicine costs $600 and that a patient needs one tablet a day, for the rest of his life. Another known fact is that a bottle contains 30 tablets. The result may be easily found out. This medicine is the only one approved by U.S.A government and it has also come into general use in the pharmacies from Europe. If this disease could be cured by this medicine, I would desperately look for it. But it cannot cure it, it may just prolong life with some more months (I quote the producers: "the effect of the medicine is small"). So, the disease is not even slowed down, to say nothing of stopping it. The patients had better live their last months of life hoping for a cure to be discovered, rather than live with the illusion that their life will be prolonged. They had better talk more about how those patients suffering from Las manage to face this terrible diagnosis and how we can really help them live the rest of their life as comfortably as possible from the spiritual and social point of view. They had better start an informing campaign (some doctors should be informed, too), in order to avoid these terrible confusions regarding the evolution of the disease, "curing" or "stopping" it. They had better explain in detail to the patients (no matter how painful it might be) what the real possibilities of living with this disease are, so that the patients would not die terrified, because of lack of information. However, death is no joke and both the patients suffering from Las and their families should be better informed.
Maybe my tone seems to be that of a frustrated person (I am indeed) and I apologize for that. I appreciate your magazine. I hope that the patients who suffer from Las in our country, will be helped more. (My grandmother died from Las at 63 years old, my mother was diagnosed with Las in October 2001 and she is 56 years old. I am 32 years old and I live with the hope that I will be among those " fifty fifty " who will not suffer from the disease, even if I carry the gene which breaks it out. At least I know that in my case the illness is hereditary).
With love and respect,
Anca .